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"Perhaps we dont like what we see: our hips, our loss of hair, our shoe size, our dimples, our knuckles too big, our eating habits, our disposition. We have disclosed these things in secret, likes and dislikes, behind doors with locks, our lonely rooms, our messy desks, our empty hearts, our sudden bursts of energy, our sudden bouts of depression. Don’t worry. Put away your mirrors and your beauty magazines and your books on tape. There is someone right here who knows you more than you do, who is making room on the couch, who is fixing a meal, who is putting on your favorite record, who is listening intently to what you have to say, who is standing there with you, face to face, hand to hand, eye to eye, mouth to mouth. There is no space left uncovered. This is where you belong."
— Sufjan Stevens (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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What becomes of me 
When you stop listening?
Do I disappear into the silence?
Or return from the void with brand new life?

Will I find a resting place?
Somewhere to wash my hands and face
Gathering the harvest for all I need
Collapsing into this place of ease

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Ooh no
let’s move here instead

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Luciano Perna, life is full of surprises, more or less interesting. Installation view at Downtown Photoroom, Los Angeles, 2014

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And meet me there, bundles of flowers, we wait through the hours of cold.

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"My heart is an unmade bed;
it might look messy, but I swear
it’s a safe place to rest."
— Moriah Pearson (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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